Monday, March 31, 2008

Jack in his new Tiger cap

He has to be the cutest Tiger fan ever.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

12-month picture

Here's our little 1-year old,with his big boy haircut. I was telling Bob that we could suspend the monthly pictures with the teddy bear and he seemed a little disappointed. He made some joke about taking them until Jack was 18. We might still take one every three months or so... as long as he'll let us.

Jack's actual birthday...

On Jack's actual birthday, we did what every 1-year-old wants to do, we went to Ikea. Okay, so mommy really want to do that while daddy was off on vacation, but look at this picture, he actually had fun. After we went to Ikea, we took him to a nearby Fantastic Sam's and got his hair cut.

He was pretty curious about the whole thing and did really well. He didn't get upset at all, just a little fidgety toward the end.

After his haircut, we went to a pet store so he could look at puppies. We were going to get him a fish, but we waited on that a few days. To wrap up the whole big day, we went to the Parlour, where we got a huge bannana split. Mommy really tried to push the bannana, but Jack was pretty taken with the ice cream.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Last year I was so ready for him to come by St. Patrick's Day, but he made us wait a few days more. This year we celebrated by having some boiled dinner and some soda bread. Like his mommy, he loved the soda bread, which is good because usually I have to eat a whole loaf by myself.

Birthday Party

At first he was pretty prim, but he managed to get pretty messy. Normally I'd put up more pictures, but a lot has been happening that I have got to catch-up on, so I thought we'd stick to the cake pictures. Oh, and don't worry he didn't eat that whole cake, I snagged it away by the last picture and he's eating ice cream.

11 Month picture

Here's the little guy at 11 months in his new room with boxes and his faithful bear. He is still drooling A LOT!

10 month picture

Finally, enough is done around the house that I feel like I can do some blogging and I have a lot to do.
Here is Jack's 10 -month picture. As you can see he's awful difficult to pose now. Here's his last picture in Fenton Condo . . .in his first nursery. I don't really miss the Fenton place, except for the perfect green color on his old walls.