Monday, November 26, 2007

A Wheaton Christmas

When the girls were ready to go, Jack was losing his steam.

He found the Reindeer pretty interesting though.

And he liked getting presents, though he's sometimes put off by all the sounds they make. He has to really be in the right frame of mind or the sounds will make him cry.

The girls liked their cars too.

All in all, Jack found his first taste of Christmas exhausting.

Thanks for the grub

Jack wasn't sure about his first bites of pumpkin pie.

But he is sure that Grandpa Carl is lots of fun.

So is Yaya. She let him put his hand in the food and squeeze.

Hey, that's much tastier than the pumpkin pie.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy, busy

He's not crawling yet but he is managing to move around a lot.

He even wants to take the dogs for a walk.

But it all leaves him feeling very tired.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just finished a fudge bar

At least it was a mini one. Here's the rest, an awful mcskillit fajita from McDonalds for breakfast, Healthy Choice meal for lunch, an fun size Almond Joy, some crackers, cup of coffee, half a small pizza for dinner and the heretofore mentioned fudge bar.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

That's just an obligatory picture of Jack for you all. More about me. Sorry. Two bad days of eating, yesterday... luna bar, for breakfast, some pistachios for a snack, for lunch then a 1/4 cheeseburger, then some chicken stir fry for my first dinner, then some more meatball casserole for my second dinner. Then carrot cake.
Today, no breakfast, lunch more meatball casserole, dinner BBQ sandwich and a pumpkin pie blizzard, nighttime snack milk and 3 graham crackers.

I'm not beating myself up to badly because it has been two stressful days ... it felt like two house showings, but it was really only one because of a scheduling mix-up.

I went to a Christian bookstore tonight and it was very helpful. It helped calm me and reminded me that God is in control. And to think I was just looking for a gift for someone. It goes to show you that God finds you, when you need him.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If you just care about Jack, skip this one

I think I need to start keeping track of my eating, and I think if I post it; it may help. Please indulge...every once and a while a comment that says, "Do you want to end up the size of a house?" could also be helpful.

Breakfast 2 poptarts and diet coke
lunch ham sandwich and milk
dinner meatball casserole concoction
carrot cake and glass of milk
(This was actually a pretty good day for me.)

Hopefully I'll soon be able to add some excercise, but not tonight, I've got to continue cleaning.

We All Know Jack's Cute

But he's parents aren't bad either!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bath Time Is So Much Fun

Mom likes making my hair stand up.
I sometimes take a break from chewing on my bath toys
to look at myself in the mirror.
I actually can't get enough of myself.
I think other people think I'm cute too.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Watching Jack Sleep

It hasn't worn off yet. Sometimes I just like to watch Jack sleep. When he was really little, I was snapping pictures of him asleep all the time. It seems there's less time for that now. When he's asleep I don't want to risk waking him.Still I find myself staring at him with this sense of wonder. I study the way his little hands are balled up and the way his top lip sits so sweetly on the bottom. He looks so peaceful. It makes me feel peaceful too.
I've been feeling a little anxious lately with all the uncertainties with our home. It was hard to decide to move, but once we made the decision I was ready to get to it. (I can't tell you how many times I'm trying to find something only to remember I've packed it.) I was excited about Bob and I picking out a home together. Sell, sell, sell, is the bitter mantra I find myself chanting.
It's in those moments of bitterness that I try to remind myself that there are people in much worse situations.
My worries are actually about dreams deferred and that's not so bad. I'm learning to trust that God is in control of the time table.
Well, I had better go, Jack's taking a nap on our bed. I'd like to watch him a little bit more before I really get him ready to go to sleep for the night.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Kind of Town

Here's Jack with Drake, who was so nice to put us up at his apartment when we went to Chicago. It's crazy, I remember when Drake was just a little tyke and now his making his way in the big city. I'm really proud of him and he was a great host to us. I would love to go again sometime soon. Mom, you want to go for a visit? Christmas shopping? Jack's review of the trip follows the Halloween post, I had to re post because I wanted to include the snarling first picture.

Happy Halloween

Jack wasn't his normal treat on Halloween.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Jack's Guide to Chicago

We went on a boat down the Chicago River. At first I thought it might be fun.

Then this guy started talking about all these buildings. That made me think I wouldn't mind being in a building eating something. So I did what all self-respecting babies do at these moments, I demanded food. Then I fell asleep.

When I woke up I wasn't sure where I was. Chicago is a big place and my parents took me all over that city. I never knew where I was going to wake up. In fact, each morning I woke up in my cousin Drake's kitchen...that threw me a little, but Mom and Dad were always in the next room, so it wasn't that different from home.

One thing I really liked was the Lincoln Park Zoo. Among the highlights were the African Wild Dogs,which reminded me of my doggies, Buddy and Shamus. I also liked the big fish tank with a lot of fish eating lettuce. Here Dad and I are finding out what it's like to be an ant tunneling through the ground. Isn't my Dad fun?

Chicago has so many things to offer, but I would be remiss if I didn't t mention the Art. Even in a tourist trap like Navy Pier we were able to elevate ourselves by taking in an exhibit of stained reminded me a little of church, but at the Pier nobody really cared if I squealed with glee.