Friday, November 16, 2007

Just finished a fudge bar

At least it was a mini one. Here's the rest, an awful mcskillit fajita from McDonalds for breakfast, Healthy Choice meal for lunch, an fun size Almond Joy, some crackers, cup of coffee, half a small pizza for dinner and the heretofore mentioned fudge bar.


Yaya said...

Fudge bars are always a dangerous addition to the daily meal....George keeps pushing 'death by chocolate' ice cream...ugh! The Healthy Choice meal sounds good!

Lutz Family in OK said...

i think fudge bars are very low fat... if they aren't, don't tell me... and the fajita skillet was NOT your fault!

Anonymous said...

Rene, you are so beautiful on the inside that I don't notice your "outside". I once heard that if you have a craving for something, eat it. The key is portions. Love Sandy