Thursday, July 9, 2009

The faces of Jack

Okay, so when I'm trying to get a picture of Jack, he never cooperates. When I'm trying to get a picture of a chair, Jack immediately gets into the shot.
Jack is always taking Daddy's glasses, but this is the first time he tried them on...

Everyday, our little man is getting bigger, but sometimes he'll get an expression that reminds me of the little baby that once lived with us...

We use to call him the angry sleeper, because in his swing he'd always fall asleep with an angry expression on his face and sometimes he still does. He'll always be my baby.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jack and Big Elmo

There are a few things Jack loves more than Big Elmo...cookies, ice cream and hopefully his parents.
He likes Big Elmo to ride around in the car with him and occassionally bestows Big Elmo with hugs.
He helps him look out the window.

He reads him books.

And hugs him some more. Jack is such a sweet little man!