Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanks for the grub

Jack wasn't sure about his first bites of pumpkin pie.

But he is sure that Grandpa Carl is lots of fun.

So is Yaya. She let him put his hand in the food and squeeze.

Hey, that's much tastier than the pumpkin pie.


12-arrows said...

What a cutie! that is such a precious picture of Jack and your dad! Its definitely a kodak moment!

Anonymous said...

He (Jack) is absolutely adorable! I could look at pictures of him all day long. Love Meme

Lutz Family in OK said...

Ok, so I did bawl when I saw the picture of Jack and Dad... I knew I cherished watching our parents become grandparents to my kids, I didn't know I would love it with yours too...

He looks like he had a blast with the squishy food too. Just make sure he knows he can only do that when Yaya is holding him (or any other grandparent that doesn't care if they get that crap all over their clothes...)

Have you bought any new sweaters lately??? (Brad wanted to know)