Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If you just care about Jack, skip this one

I think I need to start keeping track of my eating, and I think if I post it; it may help. Please indulge...every once and a while a comment that says, "Do you want to end up the size of a house?" could also be helpful.

Breakfast 2 poptarts and diet coke
lunch ham sandwich and milk
dinner meatball casserole concoction
carrot cake and glass of milk
(This was actually a pretty good day for me.)

Hopefully I'll soon be able to add some excercise, but not tonight, I've got to continue cleaning.


Lutz Family in OK said...

you looked great in that picture, so I don't know what you are worried about. You don't snack much, huh? Our Halloween candy bowl calls to me throughout the day...such friendly candy the kids picked up!

Yaya said...

You ought to try working at this church, someone came in about an hour ago and dropped off one of those pumpkin cheese roll thingys....ugh...why can't I stay far far away from these sweets?

I love you guys, and I am definately interested in everything you do!

Love ya!