Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday photo shoot

I won't reveal the winning shot, but as you can see it was quite adventurous. And forget actually getting a group shot of the dogs and Jack together. I don't think that will ever be possible unless the dogs are drugged and sleeping.


Yaya said...

Rene, Great job! Not only at taking the time to try, but at getting some great candids! You are really doing a great job at keeping the blog up too, I need to take some lessons and see if I can do half as good at it!

Lutz Family in OK said...

those are laugh-out-loud shots! (I guess that would be LOL, but I read it as LOL not laugh-out-loud). Anyway, Jack is adorable. the pic where Shaemus is by Jack, Buddy looks dejected. And what is Buddy licking off Jack's face outside???

Anonymous said...

Even though Buddy is definitely not my favorite, that is an adorable picture of him with Jack against the tree. Sandy