Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One project done, 150 or so to go

We bought this entertainment center at a yard sale this summer. We wanted something more sturdy for when Jack was up and toddling about. I spent quite a few days on "warm" winter days in the garage painting it black and then once we got it inside I finished the decorative painting on it. It was rustic pine, but now I think its sophisticated rustic chic...the painting on it isn't quite as bright as it looks on the computer. Can't wait to see what it looks like in our new house ... or actually, how our new house looks period.


Lutz Family in OK said...

wow! that looks great...I guess I forgot the decorative painting...or was that a change in plan that I never heard about???

either way, I am sure it will look great at your new place =)

Anonymous said...

Rene, it turned out really nice. Good job! Sandy

Yaya said...

It looks gorgeous Rene, and you and Bob got it moved in! You must have really been workin hard!