Thursday, July 31, 2008

The joys of home!

One of the things I love about our home is the little area where I can put on seasonal displays. For July 4th, I put up a small display of my vintage patriotic post cards. It something I use to do at Eberly, but didn't really feel I had a place for at the condo. I was really excited to put up my summer display, but it took some doing.
Ages ago I bought this sweet magazine cover and I've been on the search for a frame to put it in, but since it is a seasonal display... I wanted the frame to be cheap!
Imagine my surprise when I found a frame at Goodwill for $3 with a perfect blue mat to match the suits in the picture. Too perfect! I'm liking it so much I may have to graduate this picture to a permenant display in our downstair's bathroom, which has a beach theme.
Here's the whole display area, with a collection of shells and another Beach picture that Charlene gave me a while back, it's of some ladies frolicing on the beach, I'm really pleased with how the "summer display" turned out. For fall there is a girl being blown about in the wind, and a Tom the Turkey too. I love our new house and this little shelf that is thankfully to high for Jack to reach.


amanda said...

to cute, i mean reely, reely cute Renee!

Yaya said...

Love that spot and yes it looks great!