Friday, October 10, 2008

Jack being Jack

When Jack has a balloon he becomes a little obsessed with it. The other day he would not even eat his dinner until we gave him his balloon. He doesn't understand that we're in charge and the scary thing is that we really aren't! Sometimes it's not the toy but the environment that is fun. You would have thought Jack had never seen this toy before when we ventured out on the sidewalk with it!

Our neighbor had has some tree limbs removed the other day and Jack was very excited to watch the whole process.

By excited I mean semi-possessed! Look at his face! He was crazy this day.


Rene Wheaton said...

Just so people know, that's our neighbors Obama sign. Our house remains neutral to the world because my husband is an editor, as you know.

Anonymous said...

Wow! He's looking all grown up! I love the picture of him looking out the window. What a cutie he is!


amanda said...

you knew i was going to pretend to think that was your sign, right?

always neutral you two...always.

cute pics! love him watching the work next door!

Anonymous said...

I love that kid! Meme