Monday, April 20, 2009

Jack's been busy

A few weeks ago, Jack began crawling out of his crib in earnest and so the time came to switch him to his "big boy" bed. I heard that this can be a real pain, but like in so many ways, Jack was easy. He just needed his favorite animals.
And he was all ready to settle on to potty training, soon.

Then he went to Midland with to see the butterfly exhibit and it turned out the Midland Center for the Arts was having an exhibit of reptiles so we went over there too.

I took Emily and Zach Bach along and we had all kinds of fun. Jack is very lucky to have these kids in his lfe. He adores them and they adore him. (:
It was a great time and it was fun to see that kids of all ages can enjoy the same things. The butterflies weren't a big hit, but they all loved the reptiles.

Please can I have a pony? (this is at the museum shop)

All dressed for Easter Sunday. I was really excited that it worked out for Jack to wear this jacket because Wilson wore it to my wedding.

Looking for Easter Eggs with Daddy!


amanda said...

AWESOME pictures, he looks so HUGE... especially snuggled up in that big boy bed!

I am so glad he got to wear that jacket for Easter. I love the picture of him looking for eggs with Daddy.

thanks for posting pictures of the big man and all his adventures ;)

Yaya said...

Love all these pictures Rene, it was so much fun to have lunch with you guys....coming back soon? Maybe we can get down there...that would be nice...what's this I heard about a pink bathroom?

Amanda said...

too cute! i loved it when nolan moved to his bed too...they look like little men in those big beds, lol! sounds like you're doing great...take care!