Friday, November 7, 2008

My neighbor is crazy!

Okay this isn't about Jack, but I just had to vent. Many of you know I have a neighbor I refer to as my "crazy neighbor." She's not really crazy, just annoying. (I did once have a truly crazy neighbor who lived across the street. He had a closed-head injury caused by a gunshot wound. He use to sit on his front porch badly playing his guitar or swearing at the top of his lungs while talking to his girlfriend on the phone.)

So yesterday, I was in the backyard and she was using her leaf blower and she came over to tell me ...(imagine the following in a voice crossed between Minnie Mouse and Roseanne Barr.)

"I just want you to know, I'm not try to blow these leaves into your yard. I'm trying really hard to blow them into the street. That tree," she says, pointing to a tree in our front yard, "has a lot of leaves and they end up in our yard. It's annoying. It makes more work for me."

I sorta gave her my usual, "Okay." While my interior voice was saying, "What do you want me to do, go catch the leaves before they fall ... And how can you tell which leaves are from our maple and which leaves are from the giant one in your yard ...How much work is it really with a leaf blower?"

Anyway, here's her effort:

Not sure she could have gotten more of the leaves in our yard, had she "tried." Also, of interest, that driveway isn't hers, it's the empty duplex behind her, so she basically had to blow the leave across the driveway into our yard. There are hardly any leaves in the street.

I probably wouldn't have even noticed except she said she was trying not to do it and we don't have a leaf blower. Actually, we don't event have a proper rake yet...

Today, she'll probably come over to say, "I hope you're not mad at me because I got some leaves in your yard." Let's hope I can keep my internal dialogue internal. (:

Even crazy people need kindness.

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amanda said...

you are such a crack up...

LOVE that you included a picture to justify your internal dialogue... I'll have to remember that =)

at least Jack will have fun when you rake =)