Friday, November 7, 2008

Wow, we've been busy!

Jack has been doing lots of stuff over the last month. We went to a friends B-day party at the Flint Children's museum and there was lots of fun stuff to do there.

And of course we went to Myrtle Beach in October. We had lots of fun there. One thing we did was take Jack putt-putt golfing. He's loving dinosaurs right now. (He can even say dinosaurs.) I'm not sure what he thought of golfing but he definitely liked the dinosaurs.

He even wanted to climb up and see some of them.


amanda said...

the funniest thing just happened... while I was scrolling through the pictures, Wilson walked in just as the first dino was in view... he walked right up to the monitor with HUGE eyes, then as I scrolled down he said, with a sigh, "oh, him just putt-putting"

I ♥ that shirt Jack has on, and that museum looks fantastical...

Anonymous said...

Jack, Meme loves the pictures! And I know if you knew the way you would have had Mom and Dad bring you over while you were in FLINT!!Love Meme