Monday, December 15, 2008

Trip to Bronners

We went to Bronners and this year Jack really liked seeing everything.
He didn't seem to be intimidated by the big guy in the suit at all ... until
It came time to sit on his lap.

And then he lost it.

He did manage to put on a brave face for one picture. (:


amanda said...

poor baby Jack. Santa is kind of creepy sometimes...

at least he tried to put on the brave face!

Anonymous said...

That's why when I took him to see Santa, I told them just hurry up and take his picture. However, after the guy took the picture, Jack decided to cheese it up. Nathan commented, look now he's smiling. Oh, well that's how it goes. He still looks too cute. Love Sandy

Yaya said...

Let's look at this, would you go up and sit on some guys lap who dresses in a red suit and give out cookies? I THINK NOT! He still looks extremely handsome....his mommy sure does dress him cute!

Are the pictures from last year on here? I want to compare!

Yaya said...

Okay, I went back and found them....what a difference one little year makes!

Anonymous said...

Jack, this is Meme. I was wondering if Santa came to see you??? Since there are no pictures to confirm this, just thinking maybe Santa couldn't find your house! Love Meme

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