Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Pics

Alright, so I know that people aren't interested in my excuses, but I've been busy. Here are some Christmas pics. I don't have many from The Wheaton get together because they turned out blurry, but I though this was a cute one of Jack enjoying his Uncle Randly and his cousins Addison and Delainey .... Delainey is upside down. (:
Jack playing with his new remote control car on Christmas morning.

He was very excited about a new Elmo toy.

Yummy, stocking stuffer he had to open and eat immediately!

Hopefully I won't be so lax in the future about keeping this updated. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

His Christmas p.j.'s are so cute. I just love that little kid. Sandy

amanda said...

looks like he had a jolly good time. he is such a doll-face!

Anonymous said...

Jack, did you know that Aunt Amanda posts pics almost daily of your cousins and she has 2 of them to keep her busy(kids). Perhaps you could tell your Mommy that Christmas was almost 1 month ago and we'd love to see new pictures of you! Love Meme

Yaya said...

I think you are doing a great job with the pics and not to worry about how often you get on to do this, do it when you can and when it's not "a job" and it will be more fun, after all that's what blogging should be...fun! This is coming from someone who just seems to never get her blog updated either....and you are only two hours away from me, if I really want pictures...I can run down and get some! Love you kiddo, I'll try to post some of the pics I have of Jack and Chance.

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