Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Doggies, Birthdays and Pumpkins

Jack was beside himself when a farmer at the Ella Sharp Museums Fall Festival asked him if he wanted to sit on the big, red tractor he was admiring.
Sure do!
Wow, that's a big pumpkin.

A quiet moment of play at a friends b-day party.
Uhhhh, kid if you're not going to eat that I will.
Oh good, you're getting the hang of it.

Hey, where's my legs?
Here they are! I just had them tucked into my t-shirt, you see how I did that?
Hey, you've got doggy breath!


Bob said...

We have such a great son!

Julie said...

Yes, Bob has been known to have doggy breath!

Yaya said...

I love the pictures, I keep forgetting to look at this every day and then when I go back I get such a surprise....I miss my little guy...hope to get better so we can get together soon!