Friday, November 13, 2009

Adventures in Jackland

Jack and I met a friend and her baby, who just turned a year, at a place in Birch Run that has indoor inflatibles. It was a great time.

Jack was fearless and as you can tell by his face, he loved it!
Jack was a short order cook for Halloween, inspired by the free hats from Steak and Shake. He wore his costume to Reading Time at the Library, where I shot this picture of him hold a chef puppet. Last year, when he was a cowboy, I got a picture of him holding a cow puppet. (:

Concentrating on his craft.


Yaya said...

I love the outfit, and wish I could have gone to Birch Run with you....Jack is growing way too fast!

Julie said...

We love playing at "Pump It Up" but Addison got a black eye the last time we were there. It's perfect when there aren't other children there! :)

amanda said...

He is so adorable. Don't you love the fearlessness? (and sorta hate it at the same time?)

So, you'll have to make sure whatever he is for halloween next year coordinates with the available puppets, huh?