Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Elliot and Nolan

First we went to Elliot's Birthday.
And then Nolan's. Both these cuties turn 1 on Oct. 30.
Watching them eat cake made Jack a little hungry.
So he went to town on this cup. Yummy.
And now for some straw!


Lutz Family in OK said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the picture of him sitting by the straw. He is so cute! Meme

Debora said...

More pics, more pics, more pics!
I love all of them, and he sure is a doll! Imagine all the trouble you guys,(you and Amanda) are going to have!

Amanda said...

that pic of him with the straw is too cute! we need to set up a play date soon! =)

Anonymous said...

Rene can you get me another picture of Jack sitting by the straw. Your dad wants to take the picture to work and I want one for the fire place. Thanks Sandy