Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Chance!

Jack's getting some practice with the Birthday crown.

Chance isn't crazy about it!

But cake can really work wonders.

After a flurry of weekend, it came to a close with another Birthday celebration. Or rather three. We celebrated Chance's, Isaac's and Great-Grandma Lewis's Birthdays on Sunday night. We even made Isaac wear the crown.

It was great fun, but I'm really not looking forward to celebrating Jack's first birthday. I'm already wondering where my little baby has gone.

I think that's the part of motherhood I was least prepared for --- the overwhelming certainty that time is indeed fleeting. Sure, in recent years I've seen the furrow in my brow grow a little deeper and I don't even want to talk about those gray hairs I'm finding. That's just getting older, but a child makes you really realize that there's no capturing his smile or the warmth you feel when he falls asleep on your chest. I think Jack has taught me the meaning of the word bittersweet ... and he can't even speak yet.

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Lutz Family in OK said...

Ok, can you read the end to me out loud because there are too many tears in my eyes to finish... you nailed it sissy.

I can't even grasp the idea of our little guys one day being grown men, and yet its not far off...

Thoughts like these remind you to enjoy the moments, even when surrounded with crazy circumstances (such as hardly seeing your husband during the light of day).

I can tell you are a good mommy, I would really like to see it in person one day though!