Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin Path

Guess who's here to see you Chance?

It's cousin Jack...look behind you.

I think we could get into some trouble here.

Who needs a plane, when you've got Daddy.

Boy, that was fun, but who's going to eat all the candy? I'm just now getting started on solids.
We met Aunt Lori, Uncle Joe and Chance at Flushing's Pumpkin Path. I thought it was a good chance to preview Jack's costume. I was a little concerned people wouldn't know what he was and I so excited when some older ladies stopped by to coo over him and to say, "Where's your plane?"
Yaya got the little "flight" suit for him shortly after he was born and we both envisioned him using it sometime this fall or winter, but he's nearly grown out of it. I loved it so much though that I wanted to use it for Halloween. So I was on search for a hat that would look like some an avaitor's and then some goggles, which aren't that easy to find this time of year.
Luckily I found some Basketball goggles and I think they really finish the outfit. I made a little scarf out of an old tea towel to complete his daring little ensemble. Doesn't he look like he's about to crawl into a B-1 Bomber, or something?
I also bought him some little crib shoes that have planes on them. I thought they would help clue people in on his getup. When I told this to Bob, he said, "Why do pilots have planes on his shoes?" Ha, ha.
Though he's almost out of the flight suit, his hat and shoes will fit him for awhile.


Lutz Family in OK said...

I know, this is supposed to be all about Jack, but I can't believe how big Chance has gotten. WOW!

I like Jack's costume, very original, yet adorable. I can see what you mean about it beling a bit short, of course, those one piece outfits always look short when they sit down...

By the way, you may want to edit your settings to allow "anonymous" comments...its more welcoming, and encourages people like Dad & Sandy to leave comments...

Jack's Mom said...

That sounds great, if I can figure out how to do that...

Debora said...

Everything looked great, I really like that Bob was the plane for awhile! Fun Fun Fun and Chance really looked great, but what did Uncle Joe dress up as?

You should be able to set up the "anonymous" back in your settings....You're doing a great job!