Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday Pics

Here's some random pictures from Jack's Birthday celebration. He really was quite excited to have so many people joining in his celebration including his great grandparents. (I'm very blessed to have both sets of my grandparents still with me... and it is very special to see them enjoy their great-grandson.) Here he is with a shirt that Grandma and Grandpa Wheaton sent from Florida, he was quite smitten with the shirt... it was pretty cute.
Older cousin Chance (he turned 2 in October) and Jack enjoy some cake.

Look at that face.

Family shot at the Splash Village in Frankenmuth... we didn't get any pictures inside because water and our camera doesn't we settled for this picture. We took Jack there on his actual birthday to enjoy the inside water park, which feature a lot of entertainment. At first we was a little overwhelmed but he warmed up to it. I think he'll really enjoying going to the water park in Jackson, once the weather allows.


amanda said...

i ADORE that picture of him by his cake, he is so cute!

i cannot believe he is two already.

we'll have to check out that water park when we are in MI this summer.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the pictures with Jack, and when he saw the picture of you guys at Splash Village, he says, "Doggy Coat: . I think that's so funny that he calls his coat a doogy coat. Love Sandy

Erin said...

Love the picture of all his little "friends" lined up in front of the window. What a cutie!