Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jack coloring

Lately, Jack has really been into coloring. As someone who loves the Arts, it does my heart good.
He has also begun seeing things in his "drawings." Recently, he yelled out "airplane" and pointed to a shape that did indeed look like an airplane.
I decided I'd try to get a picture of him smiling. I said, "Look at mama," pointing to my mouth. "This is a smile." So then he kept putting his hands by his mouth to smile.

Here's a few cute pictures of him. A little boy is quickly emerging where a little baby use to be. I love to watch him grow, but everyday my heart breaks a little. I told someone the other day, "He melts my heart in ways I didn't even think possible." I'm sure he'll break that heart too in new and unexpected ways...I'm already learning a little about heartbreak as he becomes more independent everyday.


every simple day said...

oh sister... he does indeed look like a little boy instead of a baby boy! i know what you are saying...♥

Anonymous said...

He's changed so much just since the last pictures on the blog. It happens so quickly. He's a cutie. Love Sandy