Monday, March 16, 2009

Watching the Squirrels

Today, Jack and I were watching squirrels out the windows.
Pretty soon he decided to line up his toys to take in the view.

Even his little firefighter.

And all his Elmos. I think they all enjoyed the show. No word from the squirrels about having an audience.
Actually, I probably should move the Elmos, my neighbor can be a little paranoid about people watching her and she may find all these guys a little disconcerting.


Amanda said...

oh my gosh...i LOVE the pics below! he's such a little man! so cute. =) hope you're doing good-take care!

amanda said...

that is THE CUTEST thing ever! for real.

I do hope you moved them before Ms. Crazy got nervous.

amanda said...

p.s. when I saw that other 'amanda' comment, I was like, "What? I haven't even seen this post before..."

amanda said...

I just showed these pictures to Wilson, he giggled, and said, "I wonder why he brought ALL him elmos..."

Yaya said...

These pictures are great! He really does love Elmo...doesn't want him to miss any of the action, and no wonder the squirrels started doing that can can dance for us when we were there...they have started performing for the audience!