Monday, April 19, 2010

Go fish!

Jack, Daddy and I played Gold Fish last night. First it started out with just me and Jack but it became clear pretty quickly that Jack needed help. Bob helped Jack hold his cards and tried to navigate him through the game.

It was pretty funny. Bob would say, "Okay, now ask Mommy if she has one of these cards?" pointing toward the cards. And Jack would say, "Mommy do you have one of these cards?"

And I would say, "Jack you have to say the pictures on the cards."

And the Jack would say, "The pictures on the cards."

It was a long game, but it was fun.


amanda said...

oh my goodness, I bet it was a long game. with lots of smiles exchanged between you & Bob, right?

how adorable.

Yaya said...

Love it, keep it available sounds like a game even Yaya can navigate!

Anonymous said...

How cute! and funny!