Friday, April 23, 2010

Hermit Crabs at the Library!

I took Jack to a presentation about Hermit Crabs at the Jackson District Library. Here's his reaction right after he tried to touch one.
By then end he was pretty fascinated and even braved picking one up (and dropping it, opps.)


amanda said...

we ate something similar to that today... i'll post pictures tomorrow!

the boys even got to touch some live crawfish =)

Jack is such a cutie, and I imagine you were excited to take him to see the hermit crabs!! did he want one as a pet?

Yaya said...

You didn't come home with a hermit did you? I would be afraid where that might end up!

Anonymous said...

I remember we watched your hermit crab when you went on vacation some years back! Tom and I saw
one on the beach in DR and we both said, remember Rene's Hermit crab?

M&L Verwys said...

Remember when we watched your hermit crabs and killed them... sorry bout that! :)

I'm glad I found your blog. I knew you had one but had never followed it!