Monday, April 12, 2010

I'll miss that smile...

My father-in-law died early Saturday morning. It wasn't completely unexpected. He had been diagnosed with untreatable cancer, but his health declined pretty fast. Arrangements were all in place for hospice, but I like to think he had different plans.

Since the moment he learned the cancer was back he never wanted to put anyone out, or make us suffer, or have us remember him sick, or be in a lot of pain. I'm glad he went fast because that's what he wanted, but I already miss him.

Most of all I miss him for Jack. Jim Wheaton was a great father-in-law, our sometimes-grumpy guardian who always had our back, but most of all he was a fantastic grandpa. Just look at the smile on Jack's face... his face always lit up in a special way when he was around grandpa.

There have been many moments when I’ve seen God in this journey and I’m sure I will see more, but right now I’m feeling blessed that I had a great second dad, even if it was for too short of time.

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Anonymous said...

A very touching post Rene.
Love ya, Aunt Lyla